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Jasmine's Line

Spread love tic tac toe

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Inspired by the timeless classic children’s game, this Tic Tac Toe unique handmade piece of decor, bringing a dose of character and entertaining to friends and family in the same moment with its fully functional game of X's and O's. Crafted from authentic suede leather, it uses luxurious materials to give modern finishes to classic patterns. The play pieces are hand-painted and made in unique shapes of hearts and X’s. This Tic Tac Toe comes with a portable pouch making it practical and easy to carry. A perfect match for any home interior!


Suede Leather


27 x 27

Care Instructions

Keep away from sunlight or heat exposure to avoid fading.
Keep dry, and in case of wetting, allow to air dry and avoid the use of a hairdryer to speed the process.
To clean, use a water-repellant spray with a suede brush to maintain a good condition.