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Jasmine's Line

Curious folds

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Jasmine’s Line offers high-quality leather cushion covers to make your interior decoration look modern and luxurious. Serene folds cushion covers, crafted from genuine leather are processed to neatly finishes, each strip is the result of many technical steps, double sided for a contrasted colour combination and singly folded, adding a dose of personality and texture to your urban chic, Scandinavian  or cottage style couches. Different color variations are available.


Genuine leather and Suede leather


Care Instructions

Keep away from sunlight or heat exposure to avoid fading.
Keep dry, and in case of wetting, allow to air dry and avoid the use of a hairdryer to speed the process.
To clean, use a water-repellant spray with a suede brush to maintain the good condition of the suede leather, you can wipe the part made of genuine leather with a damp cloth.
The acrylic top can be hand washed with soap or wiped with a damp cloth.