The Brand

Founded in 2020, Jasmine's stemmed from a long-living heartfelt passion that sparked the longing to break norms by adding life to your home decor. We are inspired by regular household accessories, molding them into pieces of character and playfulness to add a light-hearted spirit into any room they sit in, while retaining their functionality at the same time. Behind our unique pieces is a team of exceptional artisans who have mastered crafting skills for over twenty-five years. Thanks to their creativity, as well as their strong will and dedication, our artisans are able to frame sustainable high-end material combinations into delightful earthy tone accented pieces, especially designed to elevate your living space.

The Founder

Born into an artisans' family, Hasmig Boyodjian Krikorian was immersed in a world of craftsmanship and taken by the realm of fabric at a very young age. Her childhood revolved around wool, needles, and sewing machines. From there, and as she grew up, the inspiration of creating art and decorating spaces pushed her to turn treasure almost discarded into living gems. With times of devotedness, she made it to the starting of a brand of her own, naming it a reflection of her first name: Jasmine's. All it took was one glossy white table for assembly and a pair of Singer sewing machines in her extra-bedroom atelier to make a name of her own in the once-roaring local artisanal market. Today, as the Founder and Design Lead of Jasmine's, Hasmig is known for uplifting female artisans within the region and is looked up to as a hard-working woman of status.